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Credit card Sign-up bonus Minimum spend bayern jackpot requirement Sign-up bonus as a percentage of the hotel h top gran casino royal 3* minimum spend requirement Chase Sapphire Preferred 50,000 points (625 in travel value) 4,000 in the first 3 months after account opening.6 Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card 50,000 miles (500.
See also edit Footnotes edit See in /Europa Universalis ( Static_modifiers#Colony level ).
Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card offers 2 miles per 1 of spending, which equates to a rewards yield of 2 when miles are redeemed for travel.The colony is completely destroyed and the province becomes, once again, an uncolonized province.The type of subject nation created depends on its location in the world.The action may need to be performed multiple times in order to completely drive out the local population, as native regiments that break from combat due to low morale are not killed and so return to the 'population' of the colony.If the area is made into a state, the colony will become, for all intents and purposes, a regular province.Native assimilation means that the goods produced in a colonized province will increase by a factor equal to, rounded down, once that colony becomes a full province.
However, cardholders who hold the card for 8 years will pay more in annual fees (95, waived in the first year) than they receive in value from the sign-up bonus.
Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies 1 Expansion idea 1: Additional Colonists Exploration idea 1: Colonial Ventures Exploration idea 6: Free Colonies American idea 3: Empire of Liberty Canadian idea 3: Settling the Interior Carib idea 5: Carib Seafarers Leonese idea 3: Conquest of the New World.

Selecting the Clan Migration Native idea, for nations with a Native Council government, also provides a colonist.While exploring a coastal sea zone, they will discover all coastal provinces bordering that sea region before returning.If a native uprising happens, native regiments equal to the native population in the province (rounded to the nearest thousand) will appear and attack any military units in the province, or begin a siege of the province if there are no military units stationed.The events Colonist Rush and Colonial Enthusiasm give the following powerful, but temporary, modifiers to colony growth: Gain Colonial Enthusiasm modifier for 10 years: 5 Colonist chance 25 Global settler increase Some nations that were historical colonizers, notably Spain and Portugal, have unique missions.A population of 4000 natives would give.2 goods produced, equivalent to one genoa kasyno level of production development.While at war, armies can enter all enemy provinces, even those hidden by terra incognita, assuming movement isn't blocked by forts or blockades.A card that offers 0 intro APRs on purchases or balance transfers would be a smarter pick, since the 0 intro APR can help you avoid hundreds of dollars in interest charges over the life of the balance.Example of Agent, bonus, cash Agent Value ID on Funjet Vacations: In addition to earning Agent, bonus, cash with The Mark, travel, corporation brands, you can also register your bookings to earn cash or prizes through our hotel partner agent reward programs.
Large (more than 10 provinces) colonial nations give 1 merchant.
The fleet will take sea attrition as normal while on this mission, and may sink, killing the explorer as well.

Diplomatic technology provides additional global settler increase: Diplomatic technology Global settler increase (cumulative) Global settler increase is further improved by the following bonuses: Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies 25 yearly Native idea 7: Great Winter Hunts Spanish ambition 20 yearly Exploration idea 4: Land of Opportunity British idea.
Any further provinces that are conquered (even if not cored) or colonized in that colonial region will be ceded to the colonial nation after one day.
Each point of aggressiveness gives a 1 chance of a native uprising happening per month.