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Deadpool 2 credit scene spoiler

deadpool 2 credit scene spoiler

The Hard R even broker bez depozytu made the Stan Lee scene more hilarious.
Edited, Feb 12th 2016 10:53am by lolgaxe.
Thankfully only one mention of a chimichanga.Which is another scene in this movie.Even I missed a couple until later when it just clicked.I was kind of worried about that.If you find the man sexy, then Deadpool is the movie for you because his butt lotto konkurs 2017 facebook is everywhere.Colossus was the movie's MVP though.I thought it'd be distracting and ultimately take away from the movie, and I was wrong.
Kind of a really really really violent Princess Bride if I were stretching for describing.
For what it's worth, it was more Joe Kelly's manic Deadpool than Daniel Way's lolrandumb Deadpool.

Dick jokes, butt jokes, fart jokes, they're all in there.I'd give the movie a 9/10, simply because I didn't like the ending.As great as Reynolds was, the big steel boy scout stole the movie for.Lots of metajokes and fourth-wall breaking throughout the movie, as one would expect as well.Apparently preteen is censored.Some painfully obvious and some subtle.I think they could have done more with Negasonic and Blind Al but there was only so much movie.Even the sex scene gets progressively sillier as it goes.
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I'd probably see the movie again in the theater if it weren't for the eleventy-million movies coming out this year.

Well worth your money.
I don't think the swearing made the movie better, but at least the violence was so over the top that it worked.