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Dragon age origins set bonus

You'll never be able to achieve the dodge defense of a rogue, but you'll be a little sturdier and will suffer from a bit less fatigue.
While each of the abilities is useful in its own right, the long casting time on shapeshifting and the extreme reduction in tactical options (you can't use any of your spells) while shifted make it the least useful of the mage specializations.
I will also leave out gear that exists in the base installation but which I personally do not know how to find, as I don't like relying solely on third party information for this (not to mention, you could look it up as easily.
3.1 - The Tank daos3.1 The tank's whole purpose in life is to make enemies attack them rather than their companions and soak up as much damage as possible for as long as possible without dying.I like to use high Constitution instead, since two-handers can't benefit from the defensive bonuses that shieldtanks get, so even with fairly high Dexterity, they still won't be very good at dodging.However, Rapid Shot drops your critical hit rate to 0, so Aim can be preferable nonetheless.Willpower will depend entirely on how much you like using activated talents - this build can work fine either skillspamming or almost purely relying on autoattacks from Momentum.Because I don't abuse Mana Clash, mages are the most dangerous and obnoxious enemies I face in any given playthrough, and this armour does a tremendous amount to let me laugh in their overpowered faces.4.3 - Light Armour daos4.3 noteworthy sets General sets: Duster Leather Armour Total set bonus: 2 Armour Where to get it: Orzammar For dwarf commoners and those who head to Orzammar earlier rather than later, this humble set can provide valuable added damage absorption.
If you don't, then you may want to read up on that first.

This allows the dog to offtank a lot more effectively, though he still won't be a great dodger the way rogues and shieldtanks are.They're just plain too useful to pass up, even if it means having to delay other talent choices.The role of the dual wielder is to crush enemies with many lightning fast attacks as opposed to single large hits.I will be laying out fairly specialized roles for mage characters to fill, but in all obstawianie kasyno likelihood any mage Warden you make will be a blend of these roles for the sake of versatility.Effort's Armour - Tier 6 (Silverite) SET piece armour fatigue bonuses Duty.15.75 2 Constitution Effort.38.25 15 to Healing Received Effort's Gloves.63.75 1 Strength Effort's Boots.15.75 1 Armour Set Bonus: -10 Fatigue Prerequisites: 38 Strength Where to get.You can wear any drakeskin leather armour with 20 Strength, so that's where you should cut it off.4.5 - Heavy Armour daos4.5 noteworthy sets Armour of Diligence - Tier 6 (Silverite) SET piece armour fatigue bonuses Armour of Diligence.12.50.5 Health Regeneration 2 Armour Gloves of Diligence.10.19 4 Armour Boots of Diligence.63.81 6 Defense 2 Armour.Spirit: bonuses to all stats and armour penetration.Cunning should be 16 base so that you can max out any skill you want, like Coercion; anything above that is up to you.Alternately, you can forgo Constitution and focus on stacking Strength for some hideously high damage output, but it's a riskier path and requires that you put a lot of faith in your tank's ability to control hostility.Shoes Fade Striders Armour.75 (Tier 1 light) Fatigue.50 1 Magic Mage only Where to get it: the Mage origin story Despite the otherwise crappy stats, these shoes can be worth using for those that wish to maximize their spellcasting performance, as they are.
You can also make a fair argument for Mage with the idea of going Arcane Warrior, but management of enemy hostility is far more difficult as a mage than it is as a warrior.
As with all mages, Strength is useless.

Because of the bonus stats, skills, and talents you can and do pick up throughout the game, you will end up being better built than any of your NPC companions are capable of being.
Group Heal (7) - heals everyone in your group, regardless of how spread out they are.