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Frequency based poker

But this is the legalne kasyna onilnie part the fish get right.
But when you do get a premium hand, and he comes along, you can be sure that player B will put plenty of chips into the pot.Paperback and Kindle formats will be available a few weeks after that.Voluntarily Put in Pot (vpip).If you are not prepared to raise, then you should consider folding.Theyll check or call too often.If you are new to poker software you can initially ignore all statistics except the essential three poker statistics.I personally choose hands such as A5s-A4s, 76s-54s, AJo, and KQo, so lets assume you have chosen these hands to reraise with.In essence, you can reduce the EV of Villains decision to zero by bluffing exactly 30 of the time Villain will not be able to exploit you by over- or under-folding to your bet.

The gutshots and 87s work well for this purpose since they have little showdown value, while they also have the potential to win stacks if the turn bluff is called.You play for a while and record as many significant hands as you can.For example, if Villain bets 75 of the pot, your MDF can be calculated to.14.Hand readingand making reads in generalis a shortcut we humans use to try to get to the correct answer without actually knowing the perfect solution.What matters is that you consistently, at nearly every betting decision, present your opponent with the correct frequencies of checking and betting, or folding, calling and raising.(Remember, the more equity our bluffs have the more often we can bluff.) When selecting bluffs, we look to choose hands with good draw value and/or low showdown value.In fact, as of this writing, a group of artificial intelligence researchers has claimed to have done exactly this.This accounts for the fact that our bluffs have a chance to become value bets on later streets.
Here we bluff all hands 9-high or weaker for a total of 29 combinations, meaning our bluffing frequency when we bet is 29 29 69).6.
The next obvious hands are 99 and 88, so lets throw those.

First, all Im saying is that you could program a computer to play no-limit holdem without building in an explicit hand-reading model.
The question then becomes: what are our value hands?
I hope Ive convinced you by now that a frequency-based approach is very powerful.