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Keno słupsk

keno słupsk

As a consequence, Saint Mary's Church was profaned, the lotto plus wyniki 30 12 17 monastery's church was burned, and the clergy were treated poorly.
In 1815 it was incorporated into the newly formed Prussian Province of Pomerania.
Climate data for Słupsk Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug najłatwiejszy poker Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Average high C (F) 0 (32) 0 (32) 3 (37) 10 (50) 16 (61) 20 (68) 21 (70) 20 (68) 18 (64) 12 (54) 6 (43).
Coraz bliżej aquaparku " (in Polish).22 During the Napoleonic Wars, the city was taken by 1,500 Polish soldiers under the leadership of general Michał Sokolnicki in 1807.Central Statistical Office, Słupsk is one of the most densely populated cities in the country.Roads edit An entry sign seen from Gdańska Street Słupsk used to be traversed east-west by European route E28, which is known as National route 6 in Poland until a bypass running to the south of the town to carry the 6/E28 traffic was built.Feige, Stolp, 1866 ( online ) (in German) Kratz, Gustav: Die Städte der Provinz Pommern, Abriss ihrer Geschichte, zumeist nach Urkunden ( The Towns of the Province of Pomerania - Sketch of their History, Mainly According to Historical Records ).The neighbourhoods are as follows: Nadrzecze Riverside situated in the southern part of the city, this district is a major industrial area.28 Geography edit Boundaries edit Administratively, the city of Słupsk has the status of both an urban gmina and a city county ( powiat ).Official webpage of the city a b Schmidt, Roderich (2009).In 1914, before the First World War, Stolp had approximately 34,340 inhabitants.Słupsk is rich in natural water bodies.Air edit Słupsk-Redzikowo Airport is now defunct, however, it once worked as a regular passenger airport of local significance.Monuments edit Historic tenements and houses, part of the heritage ensemble on Wojska Polskiego Avenue 'Słupsk' zbb bonus Hotel Słupsk Town Hall (Victory Square 3) A new Town Hall (Victory Square 1) County Office (Victory Szeregów 14) Pomeranian Dukes Castle (Dominikańska Street 5 - 9) Municipal Public.By the 14th century, the town had become a centre of local administration and trade and.Jack (Dominikańska Street 5-9) Church of Virgin Mary (Nowobramska Street) The Church of the Holiest Heart of Jesus (Armii Krajowej Street 22) The Church of the Holy Cross (Słowacki Street 42) Monastery Church under the invocation.36 1905: 31,154 (incl.

Nearly the entire German population was expelled and deported soon after 1945.24 Second World War edit Ruins of the Old Town in 1945 The beginning of the Second World War halted the development of the city.Dane osobowe będą przechowywane przez okres umożliwiający ochronę roszczeń na podstawie obowiązujących przepisów prawa.Veröffentlichungen der Historischen Kommission für Pommern (in German).15 Historians argue that city rights were granted for the first time 14 in a document dated 9 September 1310 when Brandenburgian margraves Waldemar and Johann V granted those privileges under Lübeck law, which was confirmed and extended in a second document, dated 2 February.21 After the Thirty Years' War, Stolp lost much of its former importancedespite the fact that Stettin (Szczecin) was then a part of Sweden, the province's capital was situated not in the second-largest city of the region, but in the one closest to the former.24 26 Thousands remained in the city; the others had fled and the German soldiers abandoned.
Słupsk County and was until 1999 the capital.
Number of inhabitants in years 1740: 2, : 3,744, incl.

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