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Monk bonus feats pathfinder

The weapon splits off a duplicate of itself that flies as if thrown by the wielder at the intended target.
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1) Spell-Like Abilities 2) Bitter Armament Metal Weapons count as Cold Iron for overcoming DR, Favored Enemy Limited choices Liberator (Anti-Slavery Warrior) d10, 2S, Full Bab Spoiler Show 10 level PrC, earliest 6 Reqs: 3 feats, 2 skills at 3, must NOT be Lawful 1).
It is a shame, but does not break the build; I will change it now.Divine spells, must always Save.Darkvision 60, character Traits/Drawbacks, drawback: (Detriment, Circumstance faith: Irrepressible (CHA instead of WIS to determine saving throws against charm and compulsion).Charm or Compulsion 3) Sword Against Injustice more Flavor than generally useful, but interesting Inner Sea Pirate (would you believe.Recent threads in General Discussion So, What does Pathfinder Mean to You?Doesn't break the build, though it'd be nice to find a copy or link of/to the new reprint so I'm not making more defunct builds.Dueling, (14000 GP) bonus A dueling weapon (which must be a weapon that can be used with the Weapon Finesse feat) gives the wielder a 4 enhancement bonus on initiative checks, provided the weapon is drawn and in hand when the Initiative check is made.Divine 2) Divine Detective Detect Magic at will, various situational Skill bonuses 3) Improved Godless Healing sylwester kasyno tarnów 2017 1/day use, 1d8 healing per use Rage Prophet (Barbarian/Oracle hybrid) d10, 4S, 3/4 Bab, 7/10 Divine casting Spoiler Show 10 level PrC, earliest 7 Reqs: 5 Bab, Moment.New Feats: Aura Of lotto tabela wygranych Excellence, Mercy (3rd) (as relevant depending on campaign 3rd Level Feat Snake Style.In addition, he gains the unarmed strike monk ability, treating his monk level as half his paladin level (minimum jackpot lotto wyniki lotto 1) for calculating his unarmed strike damage.(Also, Snake Sidewind's in the build, at level.) Then this character'd just use the "wildcard slot" ability to get it at its normal levels, I guess.As a free action, the wielder chooses how to allocate the weapon's enhancement bonus at the start of his turn before using the weapon, and the bonus to AC lasts until his next turn.

It bestows one permanent negative level on any chaotic creature attempting to wield.Can deal Lethal damage with Whips, Disciple of Pain 2 bonus to Stat of choice 2) DR 1/-, Cruelty Sneak attack when using a Slashing weapon, 1d6 on every attack with a Whip 3) Uncanny Dodge Pathfinder Chronicler (Explorer of Knowledge) d8, 8S, 3/4 Bab.Skills(2 Acrobatics, Sense Motive, enlightened Paladin Unarmed Strike: 1d6 2: Paladin (Enlightened Paladin, Tempered Champion) 2, 1 Hit Point.Shadow Blending (attacks against character in dim light grant 50 miss chance due to concealment).Skills(2 Knowledge (Religion Sense Motive, base Lay On Hands Amount, Frequency: 1d6, 5/day.It deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against all creatures of evil alignment.