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Olipetra poker

@PokerStarsBlog, january 23, 2017 12:45.
The player from Estonia came to this week's Sunday Million with the second-shortest stack and found a way to survive long enough to stake out the smallest share of a four-handed deal.
1BigAceHole stole the next four pots in a row after that win to close out the level.With everyone's share accounted for, the game got back under way.The aces dodged an open-ended straight draw on the board, and ZuzanaM was out in sixth.Then olipetra moved all-in for poker full ring games 6M over the top of Tarmooo's.4M-chip opener, holding Q T, and Tarmooo called with.The K 8 9 Q 7 board gave both players a heart flush, though, so the game kept going.Tarmooo kes teenis esikoha eest üle 85 tuhande euro auhinnaraha.After raising the button with A 8, the Estonian player called olipetra's all-in re-raise with J 9 and made aces and fours on the 4 4 A 3 7 board to trim the deficit to less than 20 big blinds.1BigAceHole won a string of uncontested pots on the 175K/350K/35K level, climbing into the chip lead with.6M, before Martin "martinshev" Diaz opened the action all-in for.7M with.Auhinnasaajate hulka mahtus näiteks ka maailma naismängijate absoluutsesse tippu kuulub.Tarmooo broke up the streak on the next hand by doubling.8M with 5 5 against ZuzanaM's.WestCliff21 (Austria) 36,079.78.
She ended up bowing out six hours in, earning 841.97 in 177th place.
Within minutes they had come to an agreement that gave 1BigAceHole the largest share as chip leader and left 20,000 on the table for the eventual winner.

Congratulations to both players, plus 1BigAceHole and zaxoscy, for outlasting another tough field to share in the four-way deal!Seat 6: Tarmooo (3,501,752 in chips).Four minutes later, olipetra won an even larger pot.The table remained eight-handed for more than 20 minutes.On the first hand of 200K/400K/40K, he re-raised zaxoscy's 800K opener.7M with Q T, shutting zaxoscy out to end up heads-up with lordzefiro, who called all-in from the big blind with.1BigAceHole successfully isolated with 9 9 and took down the pot after the board came 5 6 Q 2 4, busting martinshev in eighth.Get in on the action today.Seat 5: WestCliff21 (5,496,272 in chips).Turniirist võttis osa 5229 mängijat ning auhinnafond ulatus üle miljoni dollari."lordzefiro" (Kolumbia) - 17 768.56.
Seejärel oli meie mehel ka omajagu õnne - nimelt suutis ta duubeldada -ga läbi, flopis.
Three hours of late registration yielded a 5,229-player field, good for a 1,045,800 prize pool split among the top 728 finishers.