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Poker defense map

Step 3: Run the numbers, if youre serious about poker you should also have a program that can calculate equities.
Strong hands that could conceivably be check-raised, such as 66 or ATo, will remain in our calling range to prevent Villain from over-betting aggressively on later streets.
When betting 75 pot, we need to bluff at most 30 of the time to make Villains bluff-catchers indifferent to calling.
Here we need to fold all of our Tx and some of our weakest.84s is another good candidate as it has no showdown value.Does calling on the river seem far too loose?Feel free to leave any comments bellow on features you would like to see or bugs you have found!This assumes our bluffs fr betclic com poker have no chance to win when called.Things are already looking very good.So you need to continue with roughly.14 of your range against this bet to prevent Villain from being able to exploit you by under- or over-bluffing.The only bluff that improved to value a bet is pocket deuces.Turn (12.5) 2 Hero checks, CO bets.38BB, Hero?But for the purpose of this article, lets see what the Realist thinks.Our weakest Tx hands without a flush draw can be folded.CO river range vs BB The 3 is a good card for our range.I apologize to true fans of Poker D, especially those of you who have reached out and asked me personally when/if a new map would be coming.They put themselves in tough spots and fail to make adjustments based on past mistakes.While youre preparing a hand history, try to identify the tough spots in the handthe ones most in need of analysis.
You might choose to check-raise these draws, along with your set of 66, because of their low showdown value and high draw strength.
There are a bunch of programs that do this: I prefer Flopzilla because it has some extra features, so thats what Ill use in this article.

54s/53s/43s can also use the extra equity from the gut-shot to continue bluffing.As a result, it is fine for us to fold slightly more hands on the flop than as required by our MDF.Wrap-up Thats all for today!A clean, consistent format will usually result in more strategic feedback.This means we need at least 169.1 combos of bluffs.Weak players play poker hands and forget about them.And Sato does not endorse cancer.Even in the worst case scenario we still have 31 equity.