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Poker girl bound

Both look visually plain, low resolution, and a bit dull.
When a game dedicates itself to being nothing but Texas Hold'em with pretty girls, it makes sense that the game should be good at what it does.Actresses offer low-key greetings, boisterous hellos, angry shouting (why always with the angry shouting!?The 27 year-old becomes the newest face of the cereus Network site, which recently saw the departures of Billy Patrolman35 Kopp, Matt mattg1983 5 card texas holdem online Graham, and Michael Binger.The card sounds aren't card sounds, they are more like ticks than flicks.Verdict: 3/10, there are better Texas Hold'em games out there, and better games with pretty anime girls to look.I don't know if this is a glitch or an oversight, but getting the actual game play basics of poker in your poker game should be the priority.I don't speak Japanese, and that doesn't really affect the game, but if you've played one game like this you've played them all.
Some of the hands that should best other hands actually lose.

The artwork isn't bad, but it's not spectacular either.More than anything the girls here are generic, big-chested, and lacking originality.Cons: Doesn't follow rules of poker, art and sound are generic, bare bones presentation.A lack of customization hurts this as well, since you can't change the deck and most of the time spent playing will be looking at ho-hum portraits around a ho-hum table while blurry red cards are dealt, drawn, and played.The other sound effects are generic *dings* and little else.Posted: 20 November, a losing bet.Texas Hold'em has been a staple mini game for years, appearing in numerous other titles as a side distraction from the main game.The quality of the voices are inconsistent, but I've heard worse.There is only so much that can be done with a game like this, but more effort in the wagering aspect of the AI would have been nice.
Maria Ho, the last woman standing in the 2007 World Series of Poker (wsop) Main Event, has joined.
Let's get this out front right off; this game actually fails to respect the basics of poker.

Low resolution cards and table, dumb AI, wasn't worth the.99.
I'll bet that you didn't get this solely because you were looking for a good Texas Hold'em game; you wanted pretty anime girls to look at while you play.
Others have said it and so will I; a flush beats three of a kind.