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Poker heads up strategia

Travo: calls 240 * river * Th Kc Ah 3d 3s BCournut: bets 800 and is all-in Another blank at any draw and he goes all in I instantly call knowing my kings are good.
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If they believe they can't bluff, it shifts the control to you, allowing you more maneuverability.In, heads-Up Part 1: The Cards You Play, we started exploring what makes a strong heads-up starting hand, and what level of aggression is necessary for success.Not that any of these things are bad, but when you just apply them arbitrarily, more often than not, youre going to come in second place.Remember, the majority of hands heads-up are won by a high card or a single pair.The buttons post-flop c-bet tendencies.I dont feel lucky for hitting this because I was right that my 3s were good the whole time, he paired on the river but helped me out more.Huck Seed, winner of the 2008 Canadian Open Heads-Up Poker Championship.You have to find a way to exploit the weaknesses in your opponents game while staying mindful of your own possible weaknesses.I think this is a weird fishy bet, possible a bluff so I call.Advanced Heads-up Mastery is a training course aimed at making you a heads-up beast, which will dramatically improve your overall poker game as well.5 Tips To Use When, playing Heads Up Poker, some Quick Tips for Your Game.Nov 3, days, jak sie gra w lotto plus 20 hours ago, you must be logged in to create new topics.That's 85 to win pre-flop.Heads Up Poker Strategy Hand Examples Analysis From A 200 Heads-Up Online Match This hand analysis is from a 200 heads up match online.

A good open-raise size is anywhere between 2x and 3x the big blind, but most strong players start with.5x strategy.What if the person you're playing against has taken control and is the aggressor?You have to play heads-up in the mind-set that any pair is good until proven otherwise.In the final part of this article, I will discuss how to use this aggression and hand knowledge to break your opponent.Level I (10/20) 2005/10/25 06:06:47 (ET) Seat 1: BCournut (440 in chips) Seat 2: Travo (2560 in chips) BCournut: posts small blind 10 Travo: posts big blind 20 * hole cards * Dealt to Travo As Jh BCournut: raises 420 to 440 and is all-in.This guy raised 3 hands in a row before this hand, so Im thinking that hand from before put him on tilt.Travo: calls 120 * turn * Th Kc Ah 3d BCournut: bets 240 He then bets 240 on the turn, now Im convinced he doesnt have the ace with the big bet.As a result, they demand a solid understanding of push/fold poker and overall short-stack play.If youre a tight aggressive player and thats what got you to the final two, then keep being tight aggressive.