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Poker tracker leak tracker

poker tracker leak tracker

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For example, a player with a Flop AF of 2 has bet or raised twice as many times as they have called.For example, a player with an AFq of 40 made a bet or raise 40 of the time he bet, raised, called, or folded.My mission for today is to outline 5 smart ways of using PokerTracker 4 to improve your online poker skills, thereby making you a more exploitative and dangerous player.Love the replay feature so I can check my gameplay and find out where I can improve.Posted on February, 17, 2013, tags: 3Bet, LeakTracker, Preflop, stats, leakTracker: Aggression Factor (AF).It also runs on Bovada and Bodog, which are usually limitations for other types of HUDs that Ive explored before.Posted on February, 17, 2013, tags: CBet, Flop, LeakTracker, stats, leakTracker: CBet Turn.
This is the reason most of us use a poker tracking software in the first place.

Sharing Hands w/coaches, friends and forums (16:30). And the best place for you to start doing this is in the.LeakTracker: Big Blind 3Bet Steal Attempt, stat Description: Percentage of the time that a player 3Bet Preflop when in the Big Blind and facing a late position steal attempt from the Cutoff or Button.Smart Poker Study Facebook Discussion Group.Day 2 : Test out the filters and start by filtering for opportunities to cbet and review those hands.Stat Formula: ( Total Times Continuation Bet Flop / Total Opportunity to Continuation Bet Flop ) * 100.Up Next cassino bialystok In podcast 52, Ill answer 3 listener Qs about poker strategy and mastery vs overload, push/fold strategy and playing 50/50 SNGs.
Utilizing a Heads-up Display or HUD (10:30).
This layout combines the holy trinity of stats (vpip, PFR and AF) with the most important preflop and postflop stats.

Posted on February, 17, 2013, tags: LeakTracker, Preflop, stats, Steal, leakTracker: BB 3Bet Steal Attempt.