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Realm grinder challenge bonus

A135 Decay Any 1 Day Play Time in current Reincarnation (Across all Factions, but must be Undead to unlock) 296 Ocqag (2.96E149) Increase the production on all buildings based on total time spent.
C150 Tinkering Any Research Recycling (E10) Reinforcing (C135) 129.6 Noqag (1.296E152) Increase the production of all buildings based on the amount of research made.Bloodstream counts time spent with both factions.C405 Metallurgy Dwarf Secrets of the Underworld upgrade (as Dwarf) 103.7 QaSxg (1.037E197) Increase Dwarven Forges based on the Dwarven Forges you own.S300 Chain Lightning Titan 25 Brainwave Casts (Total) 33 OcQig (3.36E178) While Lightning Strike is active, all non-target buildings have their production increased based on the amount of Lightning Strikes cast in this game.Reduces cost multiplier.025; with no other reductions applying, the multiplier will.175 instead.2.Post-A C1300 and up Lvl Name For Requirement Cost Effect C1300 Scintillation Dragon 30,000 max mana.27 Tvg (1.827E73) Increases the production of all buildings based on maximum mana and production bonus from Gems.D200 Transcendence Any Research Resurrection (D175) Illumination (D135).65 DQig (8.265E160) Decrease the cost of all spells by 20 and increase their duration.Formula: Additive Production increase: floor(1000 *.5) Duration increase: floor(x / 800)0.8) seconds where t is how giełda darmowy bonus long FC has been active in seconds, and x is the number of Farms, Inns, and Blacksmiths you own.D330 Eternity Any Research Offering (E275) Deliverance (D320).443 Sxg (6.443E183) Double the duration of all faction spells.Also increase Faction Coin find chance by a multiplicative 275.Formula: round(0.7 * ln3(1 x) where x is your Faction Coins Gained (This Game) stat.Formula: round(10 *.75) where x is the amount of excavations made.Formula: floor(0.05 *.25 where x is the amount of research made.
D50 Hallowing Elf 15,000 Good Buildings (as Angel) 318.8 Tqag (3.188E134) Increase your chance to find Faction Coins based on the amount of Elven Training Grounds you own.

Formula: 15 15 * x) Y) where x is active spell and y is ascension.W330 Heroism Any Research Crusade (W200) Athletics (W260).443 Sxg (6.443E183) Increase your click reward based on the amount of trophies you unlocked.E290 Surveyorship Any 7 Artifacts 582.7 SpQig (5.827E176) Reduce Excavation cost multiplier.Autoclicks the treasure 10 times per second.Formula: 35 *.5 where x is your Treasure Clicks (This Game) stat.W50 Exertion Undead 2 days of Evil Play Time, (This Reincarnation, as Demon) Play any Evil faction, but you must be Demon to unlock this.Research Points Slots per R# R# RP RS RP Upgrades RS Upgrades ; 10; 25; 30; 50; 55; 80; 105; 120; 135 4x6 Default Slots for each Facility ; 150 1 slot for Alchemy, from the Apothecary secret trophy upgrade ; 180 1 Craftsmanship slot.D25 Cursing Undead Play 8 hours Offline (This Game, as Undead).63 Dqag (1.263E130) Increase the production of all buildings based on your offline production bonus.Formula: 30 *.8 where x is your Time Spent Offline (Total) stat.Effect : Faction Coin find chance from Evolutive Mutation becomes multiplicative with increased effect.
W275 Domination Faceless 300 Base Assistants (as Faceless).331 SpQig (1.331E174) Gain additional Faction Coins per second based on the highest amount of assistants you had in a single game.