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You keep it light, you relay developing corporate shenanigans, and you crush rumors as best you can.
Discard the nerd extremes: the curmudgeonly pocket protector set is gry hazardowe na bitcins retiring or retired and theres a good chance that the slick brown-haired guy sitting across the bar wearing the 300 Ted Baker shirt is a fucking Python wizard.Your triage: Why cant he be a team player?Help them scale by knowing when theyre stuck or simply bored.Nerds arent typically bitter; theyre just well informed.While I dont know what The Problem is, I do know that you have a bright team of talented nerds working for you, and I know that you dont have a clue how to tackle The Problem: you need the nerds and you dont know.They know what you know chaos is a guarantee.Ask the question: How are they protecting their focus?Kate has neither, and while her great work might be cause for awarding her the office, by not explicitly stating that there is an addendum to the unspoken rules regarding office windows, you are in consistency violation.Theres something warm and cave-like about having my head surrounded it gives me permission to ignore the world.Strike that, your nerds default opening position when asked to build a thing is: We can build it better than anyone else.Someone who will be receptive to the perceived lack of shininess or someone who will say the one thing necessary to get your nerd chasing the Highs.It might not actually look like a cave, or maybe it does.There are plenty of female nerds out there and they display much of the same behavior.What the nerd is doing is what they always do sifting though impressive piles of information and discovering rules so they can discover the optimal system that governs everything.If I had to give you a single piece of managerial advice, I would say: Your job with your nerd is to bring calm to their chaos.

Triage here is similar to Not Invented Here is the problem shiny?A good place to get mentally limber regarding nerds is with.Thats the silent nerd rage that arrives when they discover meaningful inconsistency.Perform consistently and efficiently around your nerd so they can spend their energy on what they build and not worry about that which they cant control.Its irrational and its delicious.I blame the origin of the world-wide freak-out on the nerds.Your nerd has a hoodie.Yes, there will always Mountain Dew nearby.